Daring to Change

Healing yourself with a new eating program and with wonderful activities may seem like such a turn around from taking allopathic doctors’ orders and swallowing their take-home prescriptions. You may be telling yourself: “Making a nutrition and life style change plan is one thing; carrying out my program will be a long term challenge.
Am I up to this?”

As integrative practitioners, we have challenged hundreds of our patients. We can reassure you. Changes provide health benefits well beyond your initial expectations. You’ll feel delighted that you dared yourself to explore unknown culinary territory and act on your choices of lifestyle change.

One of my patients is thriving due in part to creatively gardening and preparing new vegetable dishes each night with recipes adapted from cook books, online advisories, TV shows and her mother’s recipes. She credits our nutritional program as a major element in healing her illness. And her husband has improved his heart health due to sharing her nutritional program. His heart doctor wanted to know how he pulled his bad cholesterol down. (She wants to share one of her green smoothies’ recipes with you. It is available here.)

Her son decided to prevent inheriting her condition and other possible illnesses before it was too late. He even published a paperback about his experiences to encourage you and others to do what he and his wife have been doing: Going Going Gone Raw. Here are the principles they developed for making change work in their business and home lives. While they write about going raw; these principles apply just as well, I believe, to choosing a vegetarian, vegan or macrobiotic nutrition program.

  1. Things Get Worse Before They Get Better — Temporarily you may be releasing toxins but this does not go on forever
  2. Know Your Cravings — (Do you crave substances such as refined sugar or caffeine? You’ll get over them)
  3. Set Time Goal — After a week of try-out, consider committing to a month, two, six months, then a year
  4. Follow A Daily Schedule
  5. Spiritual, Mental and Emotional Wellness — Add exercising on these levels in ways you enjoy. Add to consistent physical exercise
  6. Don’t be too hard on yourself — Tell that critical voice you don’t want to hear it.
  7. Always have food with you or readily available — Plan to bring raw vegetable snacks or a dish to resist dishes you don’t eat any longer
  8. Eat as much as you want — At first, be sure you eat enough to say “I am full”