Why Nutrition?

Boost your immune system’s health by eating a variety of organically grown vegetables, beans, fruit, seeds and nuts. Trust our recommendations and begin planning and eating nutrition-rich meals right away. Why change your current food choices? Scientific evidence reveals that our immune systems may be depleted by the foods we have been eating. Diets with too many sweets, processed foods and animal fats fail to nourish our bodies. Lacking phyto (plant) nutrients, our immune systems lose the capacity to protect us from invasive agents, causing debilitating illnesses.

These are general nutritional guidelines we provide our patients. And before leaving the center each patient collaborates with us in making an individualized nutrition plan to follow at home depending on current physical conditions.

We understand how challenging changes in meal planning and eating habits can be. We’ve had to choose to change ourselves. Our benefit is this: we are vigorously taking on life’s challenges.