Patient’s Day at Center

Here is the running commentary on a patients’ experience at the IIMC.

From a patient’s diary: (February 21, 2013)
“What will I say tonight on the phone with Walter?”

I walked from the train station to the center relishing in the newly fallen snow and fresh air. Across the lake, the snow caps on the Alps suggest a new beginning. I’m hoping for this – by having these treatments. My nerves overtook me for a few minutes.

“What will the lab results show ? Decline or improvement?” The answers come shortly after in the doctor’s meeting. Some improvements, some areas need therapies. I asked him to interpret the diagnosis and explain the benefit of the therapies he recommended.
I accepted the recommendations and we started right in. The neural therapies were administered gently; I didn’t think they could be so easy to receive. Next I was set up for an ozone infusion followed by vitamin C. This took some time, so I rested and meditated. I laughed to myself and silently chanted:

“The C is healing me”. I shortened it to C healing me. Over and over and over again.

I was hungry by the end and welcomed a bio-nutritional lunch. The afternoon sped by. The relaxing Indiba massage–I didn’t want it to end! I was so gently cared for by the nurse. Then came the day’s final treatment – a colon hydrotherapy. How could I have any dignity. Yet the therapist was so respectful. The process so carefully administered.

“I feel great tonight, Walter !”