Diagnostic Tests

In the essential first step toward understanding your health and any issues you bring to us, we assess your body’s integrated systems and how well or weakly they are functioning in coordination with one another. We expand our diagnosis beyond a conventional search for symptoms of disease in one or another isolated organ or system. We search for underlying causes and hidden influences that may be harming your milieu (inner environment). We partner with your aim to create proper regulation of a balanced body which includes emotional and constitutional factors. Health involves taking your entire body into consideration and the ways your physiological, energetic, mental and emotional states are in harmony or not. We holistically review your current situation and past health history and conduct a physical exam to learn how well your body’s systems are supporting natural healing. For example we ask you to tell us about your family health, disease and medical history. It’s important to us to know about possible personal environmental hazards you might be exposed to including contaminants at work, at home or in your community. In accordance to the body/mind/soul concept there may be individual psycho-emotional stress factors at your work place or within the family dynamics at home. A thorough physical exam might lead us to interrelated dental and not yet discovered medical issues, trauma or psycho-emotional circumstances blocking your personal healing capacities. Lack of exercise or an inadequate exercise program for your personal situation, sleep habits, life style factors and nutritional balances, deficiencies or excesses in enjoying food can already reveal a lot. These factors influence how we treat the imbalances or alignments you are asking us to address with you.

Then we combine this information with tests of urine, blood, or saliva to assess whether there are environmental toxins infiltrating your inner milieu. Are these biochemical imbalances disturbing natural healing abilities ? Are these blockages of energy flows disrupting your healing and recovery? The urine analysis will tell us about your kidney functioning, degree of heavy metal contamination and detoxofication capacity. The saliva test can tell us about your adrenals and hormonal issues and your blood tests will report on metabolism and other body functions.

You can take part in diagnosis when you examine a sample of your blood’s activity on a slide under the Darkfield Microscope. There you can watch the vitality of your white and red blood cells. Also important are differentiated stool tests on a sample sent directly to a laboratory to make  a two week study of metabolic activities in your body. The lab report adds to our design of treatments according to your needs. By integrating your dental examination and dental x-rays (panoramic x-ray) you can learn if your teeth are contributing to possible disease development and if you will need extra detoxification for re-balancing disruptive effects in the body.

Another diagnostic tool is the HRV Test, the heart rate variability test. This provides information before, during and after a small physical effort. It indicates overall physiological well-being or potential contribution to degenerative and chronic diseases. Besides aiding us in developing your therapeutic program, we use this test throughout the program to determine whether  your treatments need adjustment.

You can learn if your organs and metabolism are functioning properly to provide you with a consistent balancing of heat production and heat emission. By arranging a cooling off of your skin surfaces, the body is affected and seeks to regulate the temperature. In this process Regulation Thermography discovers unrecognized internal problems, hidden sources of disease and connections to inflammations and possible dental problems.

An important test to take is a heavy metal test to learn if heavy metals are placing a toxic load on your tissues. Chronically ill patients benefit from re-testing to determine if the contaminants have not dispersed due to ineffective tissue de-toxification. Biological medicine is leading the way in treating chronic illnesses and we test for: allergies, asthma, hay fever, and other lung diseases, including cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, and Lyme’s disease, diseases related to fungal infections, dysbiosis within intestinal flora, auto-immune diseases like Lupus, Hashimoto’s, neural ailments and diseases of the digestive tract: celiac, colitis, Crohn’s, irritable bowel syndrome and ulcers.