Holistic Therapy

Holistic Patient Therapy

As your experienced diagnosticians and therapists, we calculate treatments and dosages for your unique combination of imbalances, symptoms and potential weaknesses. We will prepare and recommend a menu of therapies that your test results reveal can best detoxify, regenerate, strengthen and nourish you. Naturally. Here are brief descriptions  of  healing therapies you may select.


Detoxification and Regeneration

Lymphatic Massage : Gentle pressure in the direction of your lymph nodes and relaxing massage help you release blocked fluids, waste and stagnant toxins that are causing fatigue, illness and respiratory problems.  Our patients ask how soon they can repeat this massage.

Colonhydrotherapy : Our expert therapist massages the abdominal area softly and deeply so you will cleanse parasites and inflammatory materials that have accumulated in the diverticuli within the large intestine. This improves circulation in both intestines and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to develop stronger reactivity. We irrigate the large intestine with our advanced equipment. This detoxifies your body and stimulates your immune system. We then restore your intestinal acidifying flora with specific isopathic remedies and an alkaline diet so the flora spontanously regenerates within 3-6 months. According to comprehensive stool test results we select probiotics that correct specific deficiencies showing in imbalanced intestinal flora; these help  you to regain a strong and healthy gut. Two of our patients` gut reactions to this therapy? «I feel such vitality!» «I`m amazed at how rejuvenated I feel  now!»

Immunotherapy : Your individualized treatment program of isopathic and homeopathic remedies will be designed to reduce accumulation of toxins in connective tissue and regulate the acid-alkaline balance in your metabolism without damaging normal intestinal flora.  Isopathic  remedies restore the flora of the upper small and lower small intestine to correct dysbiosis (imbalanced bacteria). Homeopathic remedies support the liver and pancreas so they coordinate with the intestinal tract. At the same time we enhance your self-defense. You receive  these remedies  by i.v. drip or neuraltherapy injections.

Intensive Detoxification: You will find that you are in a harmonious environment in our magnificent alpine and lake setting. Whether you are walking to the center in the pure air, watching the clouds float over the peaks and lake as you receive a treatment, listening to birds chirp musically in the trees or watching the winds ripple on the water below, your stress simply disappears. Patients tell us they have received added therapy seeing our scenery and taking their time out from excessive business or family demands.

For seven days you will receive an array of elimination- enhancing therapies. The liver cleanse/ gut flush program encourages your digestive system and metabolism to rinse out old, undigested proteins, bad bacteria and toxins that have collected in the intestines and tissues. You drink fluids and receive i.v. drips to flush the kidneys, avoid dehydration and sustain an electrolyte balance.

  • 7 days liver cleanse + intensive detox
  • 5 – 7 days cell renewal and intensive detox
  • 5 – 7 days cell renewal, intensive detox and preventive check-up,  Add in water butterfly landing on
  • 2-3 weeks individually designed programs in accordance to patient’s needs and weaknesses

Liver Cleanse: This cleanse enables you to transition to an alkaline nutrition program. You purge the liver, gall bladder and bile ducts, relieving stress and improving metabolism. You will drink primarily alkalinzing liquids for a week, thus counteracting metabolism- blocking acidity. By enhancing your daily fluid intake you will help the elimination processes to ameliorate any toxic condition. You will eat small amounts of light foods to balance weight, get rid of toxins and waste products as well as create a new inner milieu. This cleanse, originated by Nicolaou/Moritz, has also been favored for at home self-healing and can be part of your follow-up program.

Indiba : With the most advanced local hyperthermia equipment, our therapist applies short wave heat therapy to accomplish three tasks. The heat waves, set at a high degree, stimulate your metabolism and immune cell response. They cleanse and eliminate cells at risk for tumor growth. They also develop an optimal environment for healthy cells to survive and flourish. Indiba is recommended for a patient with a low metabolism and for those patients who can’t receive full body hyperthermia.

Neural Therapy delivers homeopathics, other natural remedies and a mild anesthetic by injection into the body’s acupuncture points. These regulate involuntary body functions. They assist the body’s self-regulation, its circulatory systems and the adequate intercellular communication on a neuro-vegetative level. This way we prepare your organ functions and metabolism to interact with greater coordination.

Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy improves oxygenation, nutritional supply and cell metabolism. When cell membane ions gather in a specific pattern, influenced by the magnetic field’s intensity and frequencies, they enable cells walls to open for better intercellular communication and information flow. As you lie down or sit receiving this therapy, you simply have to relax and become a patient healing patiently.

Medical Ozone: You deliver one half cup (150 ml) of your blood to a sterile container on our advanced equipment where it is saturated with ozone and then returned through the line to your bloodstream. The extra oxygen refreshes your cells and tissues and energizes your cell metabolism and vitality. You don‘t have to be an artist to appreciate the beautiful reds of your out-flowing and in-flowing blood.

Whole Body Hyperthermia: With the most advanced equipment, we provide you with „fever“ therapy for one to three hours to modulate and re-tune your weakened immune system. This treatment increases your body’s core temperature so the number and activity of your white blood cells accelerate. Your metabolism and enzymes become activated. This method of physical, mental and spiritual healing has been used with young and old patients for the past century since its development by  German scientist, Prof. Manfred von Ardenne.

Coherence Breathing Therapy eases your body`s functioning of the autonomic nervous system so that you can develop your vegetative inner balance. Meanwhile you can regulate your breathing  so that you discover the spaces between heartbeats.  This supports you to identify what  is adequate breath work that will best restore harmony in your body. We enjoyed one patient`s assessment: «This new-found harmony in the body?  Why this feels like bliss!»