Environmental hazards to your health

“Hello, doctor. You are asking about possible exposure to environmental toxins in the initial examination. I am unsure what I have been exposed to and what is unsafe. Articles, radio and TV focus on single topics; data on environmental hazards is not comprehensive. Can you list what I must look for and where?”

Dr. Pleus: Toxicity in the body due to environmental hazards occurs differently in each person. For example, one patient noted that she lives near an orchard, a river and a dairy farm. We tested to locate which toxicities inhabited her body. And she gave us some possibilities to look for. Orchard? Insecticides are sprayed every few days on the apples for spring, summer and early fall. These drift in the air and the apple skins are covered with insecticide. River? It was polluted by a cleaning company dumping chemicals and the river signs warn boaters there is no fishing. Dairy farm? Cow’s manure she received for her garden had weed seeds filled with the weed killer RoundUp. That’s a domestic product derived from Agent Orange which the US military admits causes leukemia. River warning signs stated the fish, if caught, contained toxic chemicals. Her produce from the garden may have residual RoundUp toxins in them.

To identify what you might have in your body, it is wise to map the environmental conditions in your area. Where to look? The hazards are in the air, in the soil and in the water of lakes, rivers and oceans. They also are in agricultural, industrial, household and personal products.

Here is a beginning list and I ask you and other readers to comment below their additions for the list:

  • Home
  • Chemicals in padding in couch and chair furniture
  • Chemical compounds used to clean carpets

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