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This May at the Biological Network annual lecture series presented by the Marion Institute, I was videotaped for a local TV Living Healthy program as Director of Le Mirador Medical Center, Lake Geneva, Switzerland. Following is an excerpt of my interview.

Living Healthy Moderator’s Introduction

“Dr. Pleus, you have flown from Switzerland for eight years to introduce integrative/ biologic medical services to health and healing professionals at the Marion Institute’s Biologic Network. You are influential: Over the years American patients have sought you out in Paracelsis Klinik in Lustmuhle and now Americans, Swedish, Canadian, Chinese and Russian patients are coming to you at La Mirador Medical Center above Lake Geneva. In addition, health professionals taking your earlier lectures are following in your footsteps. Tell our viewers why you are teaching about the immune system and biologic medical care .”

I am teaching about integrative/ biologic medical care because I believe people will benefit from comprehensive, natural and non-invasive healing methods enabling the patient’s own immune system to rebalance and heal.

One of our priority methods is to detoxify negative invasive contaminants in the body. We then replenish the immune system with “good bacteria”, the right nutrients, herbs and extracts to naturally fend off toxic invaders.

Everywhere we read about the unfortunate expansion of toxic contaminants: pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, mercury, aluminum, lead and even animal growth hormones as well as antibiotics. These environmental toxins are in the air, water, work places, and soil. These biochemical threats challenge our health and well-being and drive the need for integrative/ biologic medical research and medical practices

I’ll continue in a future blog.
Frank Pleus

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