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Bees Illustrate Hazards of Environment

One of our Readers:
"Dear Dr. Pleus, I thought you might add this diagram to your blog to reveal to your readers the influences on the environment. Certainly many of us with Lyme Disease know that thousands are suffering from disease-borne animals and tics but I was unaware of the effect of pesticides on the bee population."

Environmental hazards to your health

"Hello, doctor. You are asking about possible exposure to environmental toxins in the initial examination. I am unsure what I have been exposed to and what is unsafe. Articles, radio and TV focus on single topics; data on environmental hazards is not comprehensive. Can you list what I must look for and where?"
Dr. Pleus: Toxicity in the body due to environmental hazards occurs differently in.

Biologic Medicine

This May at the Biological Network annual lecture series presented by the Marion Institute, I was videotaped for a local TV Living Healthy program as Director of Le Mirador Medical Center, Lake Geneva, Switzerland. Following is an excerpt of my interview. Living Healthy Moderator’s Introduction
"Dr. Pleus, you have flown from Switzerland for eight years to introduce integrative/ biologic medical services to health and healing professionals at.

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