“What a careful diagnostician, caring listener, conscientious physician and source of biologic medical treatments. That’s Dr. Frank Pleus. How I appreciate him. His integrative biologic medical care has given me wonderfully happy healthy years beyond statistical expectations. Here it is-2013.

“It was April 2008 when a lung specialist in MA USA diagnosed BAC- bronchiolo-alveolar carcinoma. In July 2008 a surgeon removed my lower left lobe.

“In September I declined an oncologist’s advice to follow-up with chemo and radiation.

“Three naturalists listed ways to becoming well. I stopped eating red meat, prepared meals with increased amounts of fruit and steamed/raw vegetables, learned specific Qi Gong practices and daily walked 2.5 miles in 40 minutes with husband Tom. Taking a spiritual approach to clearing blockages, we attended a Radical Forgiveness Workshop in 2009. Another attendee, a western-trained medical doctor who had had first hand experience in Switzerland with biologic medical treatments, recommended I add Swiss care. Trusting him, I traveled to Switzerland. In December 2009 Dr. Pleus treated me for three weeks.

“Again in April, I returned for a second three week therapeutic program consisting of detoxification, strengthening the immune system and learning how to follow-up with a nutritional program and therapeutic treatments by a physician naturopath in MA. Another patient at Hotel Santis in Teufen, seeing me tutor some patients in Qi Gong, recommended a summer healing Qi retreat in CA. I signed up that evening after Dr. Pleus firmly had insisted that I must concentrate on my healing. Since then twice a year in spring and fall, I have flown to CA to practice with two masters whose ‘medicineless’ healing emotionally and spiritually strengthens Dr. Pleus’ biological medical healing.

“This January/February 2013 at the Medical Center in Mont Pelerin, Dr. Pleus treated me with cleansing infusions of Vitamin C and strengthening doses of Vitamin B. Ozone infusions were among other treatments. I am a former swimmer so you can imagine how I also flourished by surveying lovely Lake Geneve from the treatment rooms each day.

“What have these treatments afforded me? A quality of life that includes delighting even more than ever in preparing raw and cooked recipes that improve my health as well as my husband Tom’s heart health, traveling as I always wished- to Mediterranean countries, to Germany and Holland as well as vacationing in Mexico in wintry March, and participating actively in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Colorado reunions on holidays with family members. I made a U turn from fretting about other’s life predicaments to a “My Turn” focus on developing skills in digital photography and water color painting. At my husband’s urging and Dr. Pleus’ endorsement. And I continue to share in the life developments and transitions of my three brothers, three adult children and seven Grandboys and Grandgirls. Each day I awaken with gratitude for a talented healer in my life, Dr. Pleus.” – Margaret V.