About Concierge Medical Services

Welcome to the International Medical Center for prevention, integrative medicine and rehabilitation. At my medical practice we offer personalized and biological medicine on concierge medical service basis, one to one to ensure all medical issues remain in one hand and are channeled in accordance to the patient’s medical needs and benefits. My practice combines modern integrative medicine and traditional eastern and western medical practices with advanced technology testing to diagnose and treat you holistically.

Your medical history is very important to us. Prior to your first consultation we require your records, a declaration of consent, and a date proposal for a preliminary phone conference.

Please forward your most recent lab test results and also current imaging reports (MRI, PET or CT discs are not strictly necessary, but can be helpful). If you have not had extensive lab work completed in the last 2-3 months, that’s fine, we will discuss in our preliminary phone interview what is needed to complete the medical picture.

Please make sure that we receive all the necessary medical information prior to your preliminary phone conference. The questionnaire listed below, guides you to answer all important questions for us. We are happy to answer more questions that prepare you and us for a successful collaboration in our medical “joint venture”.

Dr. Pleus
  • Telephone: +41 78 635 57 37
  • E-mail: f.pleus@hotmail.ch

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