YOU want optimal health. Year round. For your lifetime. For the time of your life.

You’re searching for integrative practitioners who respectfully provide carefully customized therapies suited to your unique biology. With openness. You want to receive thorough holistic diagnostics. Detailed interpretations of your condition. Immune system restoration. And recommendations for which non- invasive treatments to choose. You want a specific therapy with dosages designed for your system’s status. You want treatments that naturally boost your system and immediate feedback to adjust the treatments to assure healing. That’s not all: after your therapeutic program you’ll need guidance to continue creating optimal health. You’ll count on coaching in spiritual and nutritional healing practices you can take home. You’re at the right place.



"What a careful diagnostician, caring listener, conscientious physician and source of biologic medical treatments. That’s Dr. Frank Pleus. How I appreciate him. His integrative biologic medical care has given me wonderfully happy healthy years beyond statistical expectations. Here it is-2013..."

Dr. Frank Pleus

Dr. Frank Pleus

, Switzerland
+41 78 635 57 37